Any purchases made by Paviersteam for any part built projects;  payment will be made in full on collection or prior to your despatch.

Paviersteam will require a deposit for large projects undertaken.

We can accept payment in cash (UK £ sterling) or cheque. Paviersteam reserves the right to clear all cheques prior to despatching any items.

Please note all cheques should be made payable to Paul Pavier not Paviersteam.

Unfortunately we do not accept credit card payments.

Although Paviersteam will undertake remedial work on customers engines to specified requirements it does NOT guarantee the performance of the engine beyond its builders workmanship.

Paviersteam is only responsible for its own workmanship. But in all cases Paviersteams time must be paid for.

Please ask for an estimate for your requirements. However if you require a firm quote, Paviersteam needs to see the project or a complete drawing.