7 1\4 A4 Up Date

The A4 is progressing well after being put to one side during a very busy time, I’m back on it now as its been too long so I’m putting in the hours in the evening to finish it for this summer.

7 1/4″ GNR O1 – Update

Horns are on the O1’s.. stretchers next and beams.  Then to make a building frame for 2 at a time.


3 1/2″ Mabel – Update

This lovely 3 1/2″ live steam locomotive is all ready to go home.

3 1/2″ Mabel – update

Progress on this 3 1/2″ Mabel live steam locomotive is going very well with completion of the engine imminent now.


3 1/2″ Mabel – update

Progress on this 3 1/2″ live steam locomotive named Mabel is coming on nicely!!


3 1/2″ Mable

This LBSC’s 3 1/2″ Mable, known as Jumbo in full size; came into the workshop sometime ago for completion. Progress so far includes cross head pump, lubricator, cladding, regulator, blower stay and valve, also snifter.

3 1/2″ Princess Royal

This 3 1/2″ Princess Royal live steam locomotive has just arrived in the for a little TLC to get it steaming round the track once again. It is believed to have been built by Clarksons of York and it is definitely Clarkson castings and design.


2″ Durham & North Yorkshire

These wheels for a 2″ Durham & North Yorkshire traction engine were assembled by Paviersteam.