7 1/4″ – A4

A4 up ended to make it easier to get the motion set right.

Work is continuing steadily on this 7 1/4″ A4 live steam locomotive in Paul’s spare time. The eccentric rods are nearly done, bearing pins and cover to make.

This 7 1/4″ A4 rods are all bushed and ready to go on after drilling the oil pots.

A4 rods are now on. It may well be a Winson kit but not much of what you see is Winson. Paul has made the rods and cylinders (apart from valve guides), springs and hangers. Also the boiler and fittings with all the remaining valve gear. Soon to be running on air.

Some fluting going on with Paul’s own personal project the 7 1/4″ A4 live steam locomotive.

The A4 is progressing slowly but surely in Paviersteam’s personal time.


Paul is back working on the 7 1/4″ – A4 live steam locomotive which he has named Merlin in his spare time.


Paul from Paviersteam is currently building a 7 1/4″ gauge A4 steam locomotive as a personal project in his spare time. The boiler is ready for testing.

A4 Boiler ready for testing