5″ Gresley 2-8-0 – New Build

This 5″ gauge Great Northern 2-8-0 live steam locomotive was built from scratch by Paviersteam and built to Martin Evans drawings. Paul ran it in the 2012 IMLEC held at Nottingham where he finished in 3rd position. It was sold shortly after by Paviersteam.

5-inch-gresley-new-build-55-inch-gresley-new-build-2chassis on its standair running chassispaviersteam 037beading to go on cabCab NextHand Rails and Beading to Doboiler mounted 5-inch-gresley-new-build-1ready for cab and boiler bands5-inch-gresley-new-build-45-inch-gresley-new-build-35-inch-gresley-new-build-65-inch-gresley-new-build-95-inch-gresley-new-build-105-inch-gresley-new-build-85-inch-gresley-new-build-115-inch-gresley-new-build-Imlec-2012-15-inch-gresley-new-build-Imlec-2012-2